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Airport Guide for Port Harcourt International Airport

Port Harcourt is served by its own Port Harcourt International Airport. This airport facility is located in Omagwa, a suburb of Port Harcourt. The airport receives both international and domestic flights and currently its functions and operations are running smoothly. The airport has been repaired and upgraded in 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2009 Port Harcourt International Airport served around 1,081,587 passengers. It is the third busiest airport in Nigeria.

Passenger Terminal

Port Harcourt International Airport is a single terminal international airport. The passenger terminal is divided between the arrival section and departure section, each with its own management facilities. After landing of an international flight, passengers are taken to the arrival section of the passenger terminal.

Checking in

As passengers enter the arrival section of the passenger terminal, they face checking in desks. Passengers are required to reach the international checking in counters for their respective airline. To complete the checking in process passengers are required to show relevant documents including the tickets. After checking in, passengers move into the arrival lounges.

Arrival Lounges

Arrival lounges at Port Harcourt International Airport are an elaborate facility. Both general and VIP lounges are present but the VIP access is only available to passengers with business class tickets. Magazines, newspapers and television facilities are provided in the arrival lounges. Rest rooms with showering facilities are also provided along with disability services.


Wi-Fi access is not available for passengers at Port Harcourt International airport. Payphones are installed at the terminal from where passengers can make international calls. Mobile phone connections can also be bought from the airport.

Food and Drinks

Restaurants are located at Port Harcourt International Airport from where passengers can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fast food and snacks are also available along with tea, coffee and drinks. Smoking is not allowed inside the airport except for the smoking rooms.

Currency Exchange

ATMs are installed at the passenger terminal and all major debit and credit cards can be operated. Banking and currency exchange services are also provided and passengers can have their currency exchanged from the airport. Dollars and pounds along with other popular currencies receive a good rate. Duty Free Area is located at Port Harcourt International Airport and there are many shops and outlets which mainly sell local products. You can buy all essentials from here. There are perfume shops, clothing shops, chemist and gift shops and electronic shops. All of these products can be bought at duty free rates. You can also buy souvenirs from the duty free area. The prices are tax-free so you can enjoy some great discounts on shopping from here.

Immigration and Customs

At the immigration department, passengers are required to show their passport to confirm their visa. After getting their passport checked, passengers are required to have a digital photograph taken. After getting done with the immigration department, passengers move to the customs department, where passengers are required to have their luggage scanned and sometimes hand checked. After getting their luggage checked, the passengers can move to the luggage claim area.


Luggage at Port Harcourt International Airport can be collected from the luggage claim belt installed at the airport. Lost and Found department is also located at the passenger terminal and can be contacted in case of missing and damaged luggage.

Moving out of the Airport

After collecting their luggage, passengers can exit the airport in the parking area. Mani taxis and buses are servicing from there. Buses drop the passengers at the city center. Passengers may also hire a taxi to drop them at their desired location.

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