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Airport Guide for Lagos International Airport

The Nigerian city of Lagos is served by Murtala Muhammed International Airport. This international airport is located in Ikehja, Lagos State, Nigeria. Murtala International Airport serves the city of Lagos and mainly the southwestern zone of Nigeria. The airport served around 5,644,572 passengers in year 2009. It was renovated in great detail recently and new infrastructure including an air conditioning facility was installed. New luggage belts were installed for convenience of passengers and arrival and departure halls were cleaned and repaired. Many bilateral air services agreements have been signed by Mutala Muhammed International airport with airline companies like Emirates, Ocean Air, Delta and China Southern Airlines. Further expansion of departure and arrival halls is also in progress to further improve this airport facility and increase the passenger freight using the airport.

Passenger Terminals

There are two passenger terminals installed at Mutala International Airport. One of the terminals is used for domestic flights while the other passenger terminal is used to manage only international flights. Both terminals have their own departure and arrival halls with no link between the two terminals. After landing, passengers are taken to the arrival section of the international terminal.

Checking in

As passengers enter the arrival section of the international terminal, they face checking in counters. Passengers are required to queue behind the relevant counters show their tickets and other necessary documents.

Arrival Lounges

After checking in, passengers enter the arrival lounge of the Mutala International Airport, which is an air conditioned facility. Rest room and disability facilities are provided and there are comfortable seats for passengers to relax. Passengers on transit are also required to wait in the arrival lounges. Magazines and newspapers are available and there are snack bars from where passengers can have food and drink.

Duty Free Area

The Duty Free Area at Mutala International Airport is located close to the arrival lounge. There are selected outlets selling local and international products at duty free rates. You will be able to find perfume shops, wine shops and electronic shops in the duty free area. Local and handmade products and souvenirs are also available in the duty free area.

Food and Drink

There are many small restaurants and bars located at Mutala International Airport from where you can enjoy fast food and local cuisines. Tea and coffee is easily available. Smoking is not allowed inside the terminal.


Wi-Fi access is not provided to passengers but there are payphones installed at the passenger terminal, from where passengers can easily make calls. Mobile phone connections can also be bought from the passenger terminal.

Currency Exchange

ATMs are installed on both international and domestic terminals at the airport. There is also a bank facility near the parking area from where passengers can have their currency exchanged.

Customs and Immigrations

At the immigration department, passengers are required to show their visa and ticket documents. An electronic photograph is taken and a scan is conducted after which the passenger receives the immigration clearance. At the custom department, the luggage is scanned and weighted. Sometimes the luggage is hand checked but mostly it is scanned using the scanners installed.


After receiving customs clearance, passengers are required to collect their luggage from the conveyer belts installed in the luggage claim area. A Lost and Found Department is also located in the luggage claim area and can be contacted in case of missing or damaged luggage.

Moving out of the airport

After collecting the luggage, passengers exit the terminal in the parking area from where they can hire a taxi to drive them to their hotels or any other location in the city.

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