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The perfect blend of nature and adventure, Nigeria provides its tourists with the chance to indulge in the ultimate safari experience. Book your cheap flights to Nigeria and visit the number one wildlife watching destination housing the Yankari National Park which is a which providing you with the opportunity to spot what are known as the "Big Five". From cultural relics to sacred forests, Nigeria is home to the Slavery Museum and the Calabar Museum that provide real artifacts to get acquainted with its fascinating history.

Let the top airlines in the business take you to Nigeria in low cost fares. Whether you need a flight from the London Heathrow, London Gatwick or Birmingham, you can book your ticket today with us in order to discover any of the hallmarks of the country; whether it’s one of the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Osun-Osugbo Sacred Forest, or the game reserves and wildlife parks in the countryside. Representing rich cultural heritage, there is a whole new side to Nigeria waiting to be explored. Ring now to get the best quotes on airfares for multiple itineraries covering flights to Nigeria from UK. You can also opt for direct flights, economy class flights as well as business class flights to Nigeria under separate directories. Our agents are also available online to contact via email with our respective clients. Whether you are interested to make an urgent booking or you want to book in advance for the incoming season, our experts are readily available to make the best among your options for booking cheap flights to Nigeria fast & easy.

Flights With Royal Air Maroc From London Heathrow (LHR)

Royal Air Maroc
London Heathrow (LHR) Lagos
fr £ 533
* inclusive of taxes
Travel Season: Sep 29, 2016 to Dec 14, 2016 Dial: 020 3137 3657

Flights With Egypt Air From London Heathrow (LHR)

Egypt Air
London Heathrow (LHR) Abuja
fr £ 547
* inclusive of taxes
Travel Season: Sep 29, 2016 to Dec 21, 2016 Dial: 020 3137 3657

Flights With Lufthansa From Manchester (MAN)

Manchester (MAN) Port Harcourt
fr £ 682
* inclusive of taxes
Travel Season: Sep 29, 2016 to Dec 15, 2016 Dial: 020 3137 3657

Flights With Air France From Manchester (MAN)

Air France
Manchester (MAN) Port Harcourt
fr £ 709
* inclusive of taxes
Travel Season: Sep 29, 2016 to Dec 15, 2016 Dial: 020 3137 3657

The West African country that is known for its diversity, culture, its friendly people and much more is the exotic and thrilling Nigeria. Home to an ethnically diverse society Nigeria is known for its history and its many historical sites. It is one of the few countries where archeological evidence of human race was first found dating as far as the 900 B.C. the historical monuments and sites are abundant in Nigeria and attract tourists who visit from all over the world to experience this stunning and exceptional country...

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Nigeria Travel Articles

The festivals of nigeria

Lying in the west coast of Africa, Nigeria is a country occupied by an enormous variety of ethnic groups. The country is predominantly occupied by Muslims and Christians, which are concentrated in the North and the South, respectively. Because of such religious diversity, the country widely celebrates all major rel...

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FAQ's About Travel to Nigeria

What is the best time to travel to Nigeria
If you are searching for cheap flights, you should make a reservation at least 4 months before your required date of travel. You may be able to book with a deposit but it must be paid in full when booking in order to ensure you secure the fare. The fare may change on a reserved seat if airline changes the price or if Govt. taxes increase before you come back to pay off the balance...
Can I change the name on the ticket for a flight to Nigeria?
Airlines do not allow change in name(s) on ticket(s) anywhere in U.K (or in the world - atleast for international carriers). The agents do communicate in writing that tickets are non-transferable. There are a variety of reasons following this condition. One is the security codes for airport securities and identity theft. The anti-terror set-of-rules is obvious in this age with bigger risk of breach; no airline can meet the expense of being involved in such potential cases of identity change/theft...